NOTE:  This photo was taken during the challenge to campaign finance reform legislation some time ago.  It depicts Former President of both LWVCT and, when this picture was made, President of the LWVUS Kay Maxwell "standing together" on this issue.  This is not an endorsement of a candidate.
Former LWVUS President Kay Maxwell with former Congressman Christopher Shays (at the steps of the Supreme Court for Campaign Finance Reform case)...League delighted the Supreme Court decided to uphold McCain-Feingold (previously Shays-Meehan).
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M E M B E R S H I P    R E C O R D S   O N - L I N E   A T
Contact  or call 202-429-1965 if you do not know "user name" and "password" required for access to "MEMBERS SITE"

Because membership lists contain personal information, this data is not available on-line at the Weston LWV WEBsite.  Please e-mail for the most recent Membeship Handbook list of members of our local LWV branch.  Or click here for word of the 2007-2008 Weston LWV!


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DUES ARE:  Individual membership now $45, family $67.50.   
Please print and then fill out this membership form (include a check) today and send via regular mail to:

Weston LWV, Post Office Box 1081,  Weston, CT 06883


Want to make a difference in Weston?
On the local level (Weston LWV) has its own events - we are especially active during election season.
We host candidate debates then - but perhaps of greater impact, we conduct "SPEAK UP" each February
for the last dozen years.  "THE TOWN'S BUSINESS IS YOUR BUSINESS:  Direction From the People to
Their Government" or "SPEAK UP" gives YOU a chance to prioritize issues for local office holders.

What else does League membership mean?  A direct link to the inclusionary State League ("LWVCT"), news of their events is available (i.e. Symposium on International Relations at Yale or other institution of high learning [during Spring Break]).  Join locally and get started making a difference today. Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport!!!  For information about membership in the League of Women Voters, from your local League: