Seventh Betty Hill Forum and Annual Meeting 2006
At the Three Bears, Westport, CT,  June 9, 2006

The Annual Meeting took place first.  Business was conducted with dispatch, and this was the best treasurer's report we have ever heard!  The budget presented had clarity and almost every eventuality had been weighed and appropriate lines filled with realistic assessments of what the year ahead might bring.  Positions on many issues were re-examined as Program Planning had suggested and the members present at Annual Meeting gave consideration to them, and then made their decisions about what was a good idea.  Senator Freedman attended the business portion of the meeting (right) as well as the following Seventh Annual Betty Hill Forum on International Affairs.

League had a wonderful turn out for the Seventh Annual Betty Hill Forum on International Affairs - preceded by lunch.  Some attendees need no introduction (at left).  Guests from Westport join First Selectman Woody Bliss!  Leaguers chat before lunch.  And by the window, speaker meets with loyal internationalists.  Our guest speaker smiles for our camera before lunch.  NOTE:  dramatic dark and light of last two photos reflects the dramatic picture of a clash of cultures the worst case future might bring.

BETTY HILL FORUM 2006...Dr. Richard Rubenstein, Professor and author discusses the topic of his next book:

“From Europe to Eurabia: The Impact of Global Immigration”

Not only was Senator Freedman present for our Annual Meeting, (see above) but she  joined us for the Betty Hill Forum and listened to Dr. Ruberstein describe the scenario of "worst case" culture clash we may look forward to...