"SPEAK UP 2000" participants (on stage) left to right: Dr. Janet Shaner, Superintendent of Schools;  Anthony Land, Police Chief; Mike Foster, Chair., Board of Education; Leonard Peterson, Chair., Board of Finance;  Dan Wilder, SWRPA Representative; Emil Frankel, Selectman (standing); Hal Shupack, First Selectman (partially hidden);  Geoff Moore, Volunteer Fire Department (mostly hidden);  Roy Hill, Town Administrator;  Hon. Judith Freedman, State Senator, 26th District;  Aleeta Attra, Beautification  Committee;  Hon. Cathy Tymniak, State Representative, 133rd District.  (Many other members of Boards, Commissions (see below for all the names), Woody Bliss, Selectman and Hon. John Stripp, State Representative, 135th District, not in this photo.)
Thank you Greg Griffin for the photo shoot!
Thank you to Jim Lomuscio for moderating this meeting;  thanks also to Arne DeKeijzer for co-moderating.  The beautiful new Parish Hall at Norfield Church made a perfect setting for this, the 9th annual "Speak Up" (aka "The Town's Business Is Your Business:  Direction From The People To Their Government")  A full report on this meeting follows below.
For those who may have missed it...

Speak Up 2000 a roaring success--more than 120 Westonites...plus Bridgeport Hydraulic officials...plus Westport residents...plus observer from LWVCT (from Darien)...someone (a late-comer) actually complained that we didn't have enough parking!

ISSUES: It was clear that school bus issue is alive (not used--other point that there is not a "late" bus or equivalent anymore), water company land sales is alive, sewer issue also...safety on the roads (speeding) and an underlying anger and impatience with government going too slowly.

Bridgeport Hydraulic Company executive given a seat on stage by League to explain sale of company and land...WESTON FORUM reporter present.

Present at SPEAK UP 2000 were:
Board of Selectmen: Hal Shupack, First Selectman; Woody Bliss and Emil Frankel, Selectmen
Town Administrator: Roy Hill
Board of Finance: Len Peterson, Chair.
Planning and Zoning Commission: Marguerite Terzian, Chair.
Board of Education: Mike Foster, Chair., plus Dr. Janet Shaner, Superintendent of Schools
Police Commission: Peter Ottomano, Chair., plus Chief of Police Tony Land
Zoning Board of Appeals: Nick Noyes, Chair.
Building Committee: Richard Wolf, Chair.
Westport-Weston Health District: Judith Nelson, MPH, Executive Director
Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief: John Pokorny and Jeff Moore
Beautification Committee: Aleeta Attra
Commission for Children and Youth: Helen DeKeijzer, Chair.
Conservation Commission: Tom Failla, Chair.
Parks and Recreation Commission: Pat Kane, Vice Chair.
Library Board: Helen Welch
Commission for the Elderly: Herb Day
Board of Ethics: Dick Bochinski
SWRegional Planning: Dan Wilder