"SPEAK UP 2018" 
The LWV of Weston is grateful to all officials who came to Speak Up 2018 and especially to the members of the public who shared their questions and thoughts

"Speak Up 2018" now showing on the Town TV Chanel 79 at 10a.m. daily


League believes it has explained the simple answer to this. For starters - "who?" can mean "who's meeting is this" anyway?  It is the people's meeting.  Mark down the dates at the top of this page (above left ) in your 2018 calendar/smartphone and plan to attend.  League will videotape the event and make it available online as well as on Town TV Channel 79.  A League Moderator keeps control and makes sure this stays as a people question, government answers exercise.

"The Town's Business Is Your Business:  Direction From the People To Their Government" a.k.a. "Speak Up" number 27 (began in 1992 and has taken place every year since).

"When and where" 
Saturday, Feb. 3rd. 10:30am to 12 noon, at Weston Library Community Room.

Frankly, the League got tired of a government that was inaccessible to its citizens.  It is the mission of the League to make sure "Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport."  So "Speak Up" is the Weston LWV attempt to do something about this.  This is our role.  Each year starts with "Speak Up" and those officials on stage listen carefully to what questions are being asked by the public present. 


For those just beginning to pay attention to local government
in Weston, Connecticut, you might just be confused.  Here is the place to get started - no question is too simple - sometimes a thoughtful inquiry can break the ice and get multiple responses!  For example:  What is the process  for developing the Town of Weston budget for next year?  Who are the people in government who are responsible for presenting both Town, School and Capital Budgets to you the taxpayer?                  

What would you like to ask of which local officials (full Board of Selectman as well as Chairs. of Boards and Commissions - and that includes the Chief of Police, the Superintendent of Schools and the Town Administrator, too)?

Legislators responded to question from...Chairman of the Board of Finance.
The answer in brief to his question about what the Session beginning Wednesday will or might bring was not unexpected.  And not good news.

S P E A K    U P    2 0 1 8
Nineteen (19) officials were on the stage: